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fiats coming out of the woodwork

That is, vintage ones.

Just in the past couple of weeks, I've seen no less than 3 124 Spiders prowling the streets. One was a dark green one waiting at a light to get onto highway 16 in Tacoma shortly after getting off said highway myself on my way to the credit union to deal with financial matters pertaining to beginning the steps to replacing my aging truck later this year.

Then here in Seattle, I've spotted 2 more 124 spiders in the past week, one on my way into work, the other one I think on I-90 coming home.

Last year, spotted 2 vintage 500's.

One restored in an automotive consignment shop here in the Denny Regrade section of Seattle that I got a photograph of last August.

And another one this time outside on Broadway about a week later in front of a new eatery called, Tidbits and the photo was to show its size in comparison to the car behind it.

Then last spring, spotted a white 1982-ish Lancia Zagato in remarkably good shape outside of a missing left turn signal lens in the rear.

And at some point last year spotted an original 1974-ish Alfa Romeo Spider in fairly god shape parked not too far from my apartment building, got a photograph of it but never processed it and finally, late last fall spotted a dark green, restored 1968-69 Alfa Romeo GT waiting to turn left onto a side street as I was heading to the 405 freeway to head south to Tacoma but was not in a position to take a photo, even if by phone.

So far, not seen any 850's (spiders or otherwise) or 128's or anything other than the 124 spider, not even an X1/9 yet.

A little story. Briefly in 1978, I think was the year, good family friends were moving to a smaller house after her husband was put in jail for corruption and she at the time had a bright blue 1973 850 spider and took me for a ride in it after I became enchanted with it while helping her move. Its only problem was a stuck fast idle at times. Her older daughter once had a 1969 white 850 spider around that time as well for a time, it was parked in the garage and this daughter also had a 1960 T-Bird for a time too, also parked in the garage.