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— by jvsgabriel jvsgabriel
Hi Gavin, I've got a gray PE as well.  (please read with either a British or Australian accent, makes it more funny.)  They are the most elusive beasts in the wild, and therefore are very shy and hide whenever there are cameras present.  If you are lucky you will get just a brief glimpse of them in the camera lens.  I have been actively trying to capture one, but alas this elusive beast escapes me every time.  But it seems we both have something to look forward too, as we see here the beast in all it's glory!  

Good luck on getting one closer to your home or perhaps home delivery?  I was told that mine would be coming in as soon as late next week.  I'm out in San Diego, CA but the local dealer is no where even close to breaking ground.  That dealer is about 10 miles away.  But the dealer which is almost up and ready is one that is about 50 miles away.